As well as being an adoptee myself I am also the 51 year old late blooming mother of a beautiful, much wanted and hoped for adopted three year old son. Adopting my son was the conclusion of a long, deeply meaningful and epic journey and a new beginning. Finally becoming a mother has brought me complete untold joy.

Whilst I have blossomed into this new journey of motherhood, I have also faced another ending and a new beginning, that of passing through menopause, the end of fertility and entering into a new stage of my life. My blog therefore is really not just about being a late-blooming mama but what it means to be a woman blossoming into my ‘wise woman’ years. Learning for myself how to embrace it not as a time of fear and endings but of truly coming into the full ripeness of myself as a woman.

With my professional background in Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Health and Holistic Therapies and with my own superficial fears of looking like ‘grandma’ at the school gates (!), I want to explore and ultimately celebrate a more positive vision of timeless, naturally glowing, radiant late- blooming beauty, which has less to do with the wrinkles on your face and more to do with a twinkle in your eye! Also to explore how I can achieve the boundless energy and shining health I will need to enjoy every moment of my son growing up, live as long and as I can as an older mother and achieve other dreams I have for myself moving forward.

Most important though my aim is to inspire myself and other wonderful late-blooming women (of which there are many) to look positively at this next stage of our lives and see it as a time of blossoming into our most vibrant, beautiful, creative, authentic, 'wise woman' selves.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Welcome to Blossoming

Welcome to 'Blossoming' and my very first post!

'Blossoming' is devoted to all you gorgeous women in your late thirties and beyond who are transitioning through perimenopause and onto the next stage of your life. A time of blossoming into who you really are, creatively, spiritually and emotionally. Pouring your innate creative energy into the birthing of another new life.....the authentic you.

Much of what we read about this transition in a woman's life is viewed in the negative, focusing on what is lost. However from my experience and from the many wonderful women I have met, the opposite appears to be true. Many women truly find who they really are in their forties and beyond and to me the word 'Blossoming' sums that up so completely. Our adult journeys through our  twenties and thirties are all different. Some spend years pouring their creative energies and focus into bringing up children, for others it is building a career, for some it is both and for some, like me, their journey is somewhat different. I will  talk about that in another blog, as I think our journeys all have relevance to where we stand today and mine may resonate with some of you. However ' Blossoming' is about where we go next. Its about looking forward with all the wisdom of the past.

These are exciting times to be a woman, especially one at her peak! Time to embrace life to the full. We are awakening to the fact that we have within us the ability to manifest the lives we want, and to be our fullest and most authentic, creative selves out in the world.

In the world of work for example, the Internet has opened up amazing opportunities for women to create businesses true to who they are, they way they naturally operate and make connections with one another. From a personal point of view it has allowed me to connect with some very inspiring women and see the  extraordinary work and lives they have created for themselves. I have learnt so much and made some wonderful new friendships along the way.

In my daily life I am lucky too to be surrounded by women (and men) I admire very much. My hope is for them to join me on the blog with some of their wisdom, knowledge and experience in the fields of creativity, manifestation and living life with passion and purpose. From these beginnings I anticipate expanding the blog into events set up to inspire, support and interest women transitioning through this important next stage of their lives. 

Like its name I hope it will be forever 'Blossoming'!

As I come from Holistic Therapy background and with my own natural interests and inclinations, my personal input will mainly focus on health, beauty and well being. One of the greatest fears that many woman feel at this time is a fear of ageing with the perceived accompanying loss of their 'looks' and a degeneration in their health and their bodies.  The truth is that much of what we consider normal ageing is in fact a direct reflection of how we have treated and looked after our bodies over the years, from a natural decrease in hormones and  also how we view ourselves. I have seen the results from woman who have taken a different path and attitude and the results speak for themselves.... in volumes! I would like to look at what can be done differently and blog my discoveries and experiences so I can inspire and support others. I will look at for example the raw/living food lifestyle, juicing, non-identical hormones, facial exercising and body movement and exercise,the use of aromatherapy in skincare and treatments such as Rejuvanessence, of which I am a qualified practitioner. So many wonderful topics to investigate!

This is not about recreating the perfection of youth or creating the mask like bland features of faces frozen by Botox or surgery, nor is it about expensive face creams filled with chemicals and fillers. Its not about berating ourselves about our laughter lines and our silver hairs as we look in the mirror..... oh yes I have done it too! This is about real beauty. That attractive glow, gleam and sparkle of good health. That twinkle in the eye. Having an abundance of energy to live our lives to their fullest. Combined with the experience, passion, joy and inner peace of a woman blossoming into the fullness of who she is ... that’s real beauty from the inside and out!

I hope you will join me on my journey and love to all you 'Blossomers' out there whatever your age!


  1. Wow Sam! I am so happy to see this coming into full bloom! I love your writing and will be a regular visitor to see what's new to be inspired by. Well done! I love it!

  2. Very good Sam and well done for getting it off the ground. I like the layout and the blog entry itself is very interesting. Keep going with it and good luck. x

  3. I love the energy and totally relate to the whole concept of 'blossoming'.
    I feel, that at nearly 41 years of age I am at my best yet and there is still so much more to come as I release the shackles of my limiting beliefs about who I am and what I'm capable of, and become who I truly am.

  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and your support for my new venture, it is very much appreciated.I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them :) Please feel free to comment again in the future as I really would love this to be a two way conversation. Also welcome Frances and thank you for joining. Wonderful to hear from another woman blossoming at this time in her life into who she truly is. I look forward to hearing from you again. Love Sam x

  5. Susan Castillo Street26 January 2012 at 01:43

    Love it! So glad to see this taking shape.