As well as being an adoptee myself I am also the 51 year old late blooming mother of a beautiful, much wanted and hoped for adopted three year old son. Adopting my son was the conclusion of a long, deeply meaningful and epic journey and a new beginning. Finally becoming a mother has brought me complete untold joy.

Whilst I have blossomed into this new journey of motherhood, I have also faced another ending and a new beginning, that of passing through menopause, the end of fertility and entering into a new stage of my life. My blog therefore is really not just about being a late-blooming mama but what it means to be a woman blossoming into my ‘wise woman’ years. Learning for myself how to embrace it not as a time of fear and endings but of truly coming into the full ripeness of myself as a woman.

With my professional background in Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Health and Holistic Therapies and with my own superficial fears of looking like ‘grandma’ at the school gates (!), I want to explore and ultimately celebrate a more positive vision of timeless, naturally glowing, radiant late- blooming beauty, which has less to do with the wrinkles on your face and more to do with a twinkle in your eye! Also to explore how I can achieve the boundless energy and shining health I will need to enjoy every moment of my son growing up, live as long and as I can as an older mother and achieve other dreams I have for myself moving forward.

Most important though my aim is to inspire myself and other wonderful late-blooming women (of which there are many) to look positively at this next stage of our lives and see it as a time of blossoming into our most vibrant, beautiful, creative, authentic, 'wise woman' selves.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Intentions, Green Smoothies and beyond!!

Hello my lovelies and 'Happy New Year' everyone!

After my last couple of blogs stating my intentions for 'Blossoming'and sharing my own personal journey I realised it was time to get practical! Aaah now there's a challenge! I am naturally an idealist and dreamer at heart and take great delight in having the glorious, beautiful vision to leap majestically towards. Trying to inspire and encourage others along the way with all the positive possibilities....I am thankful for having tolerant friends! Having creative vision is certainly important (looking at my vision board fills my heart with joy) but actually taking action is vital! The importance of finding pleasure in the step by step on the journey and being able to focus and immerse oneself into one thing at a that's the key. Having clarity and focus whilst holding the vision.This is my life challenge too and an important one!

To this end and having filled my mind, several notebooks and my email subscription list with so many voices on the subject of raw and living foods, health, spirituality, growing and marketing an authentic heart centred business etc etc..over the last few years I decided to take stock! We get so overloaded and bombarded that at times it feels difficult to think straight! I end up feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and suffering from a mild form of ADD! My decision was only to include those voices and websites that inspire, excite and uplift me and that will truly support where I am wanting to develop this year personally and professionally. Another factor to my choice was their level of integrity, authenticity and most importantly heart.

So with the step by step in mind, I looked at how I was going to begin my journey of implementing all I had learnt and truly begin my journey in earnest towards becoming the glowing, energetic, creative, connected blossoming/ripening  'wise' woman I aim to be! With previous fits and starts on this journey  in the past I feel it is important that I use my knowledge now for lasting change.If that helps others too that would be wonderful :)

Luckily I sprung upon the very thing I was looking for a couple of days back. A 21 day 'Green Smoothie Challenge' with the very delightful Tera Warner which is to start properly tomorrow. She has a fabulous and supportive website which is well worth a visit Tera and her team will be supporting me and others on this challenge and I will journal my experience including any other information I have learnt or gathered. Yes, you lucky lot that may also include my previous forays into the world of colonics!

As a side note I also recommend signing up to the next Wish Summit she will be holding this year filled with some fantastic inspiring speakers. You can check it out  and sign up at (its free) and I  heartily recommend it! 

Detox is a much banded about phrase nowadays. However, done properly, a real system cleanse can be a powerful tool for healing and rejuvenation.I have been interested in the power of fasting for many years. I did achieve it on my own for three days (some people do it for far longer) and treated myself to a juice fast at a Nature Cure Clinic many moons ago....funster that I am! I know that the results can be astounding but fasting is quite hardcore and there are some rather unpleasant side effects that can be experienced during the detox process.

Mmmm tasty!

 More popular (and certainly far more appealing to me) is cleansing the body using the power of raw green goodness, in the form of luscious green smoothies or by feasting on juices. This still allows the digestive system to rest and cleansing to take place but by soaking your cells with delicious nutritious elixirs to feed and nourish them, many of the side effects felt during a fast are reduced or greatly eliminated. People can continue with their day to day life,whilst still feeling bright eyed, energetic and amazing too. Green smoothie/juice feasts of up to three months are not considered unusual for the very experienced.

Cleansing the body and resting the digestive system has some amazing benefits and I will let you what I hope to achieve and how I get on (the ups and downs!) on my smoothie challange journey!

Tera also encouraged us to set down our intentions for the coming year in a variety of areas in our lives so in the spirit of openess and to keep me focused I have put mine up.... although a couple required me to be quite brave! Please read if you feel so inspired. There is a link to this page at the side of my blog  where it says 'pages'. Please feel free to list yours too in the comment box. I really hope this blog will be all about sharing and support.

Here's to a wonderful 2012 to all you beautiful blossomers out there.

Much love xx


  1. Happy New Year. What great intentions for 2012. As a life coach I know how inspiring writing our intentions can be!! I look forward to reading your experiences and will definitely go to Tera's site.Lots of love, luck and laughter. I intend to live my life with integrity,truth and passion, oh and give up smoking,eat healthier and drink less wine!!! Amanda xxx

  2. Fantastic Sam...Enjoy Tera's Green Smoothie detox.I look forward to hearing all about your experience! I've been enjoying her interviews since last year and just visiting her site always gets me re-inspired with my raw food diet.
    Your intentions have some seerious similarities to mine...but of course they would : ) Let's make them